Secure Freight Systems was established in 2000 with a commitment to provide, to all its clients excellent professional services covering every aspect of Shipping, Freight forwarding, customs clearance, Warehousing, Transportation and Logistics. The company is situated in Harare for centrality and convenience to all our clients. We also have an office in Mutare for the benefit of our many exporting clients there as well as those Importers who use the Forbes Border post whose imports come from Beira in Mozambique and Beitbridge for north bound shipments from South Africa and abroad.

Secure Freight Systems has a proven track record with major companies for its efficient and prompt services enjoyed by its various clients. The company envisages the client's goals as their own and continually, together with the client, strives to improve productivity and services levels.

With Information Technology and Business graduates in its employ, the company is abreast with current Industry and Economic climate and services its clients based purely on inner self-belief and sound business ethics tested and proven against our commitment to customer care.

Our infrastructure and efficient systems allow us, as an independent operator, to services huge contracts, both imports and exports. We have the capacity and strength to do any aspect of Shipping, Freight Forwarding, Customs Clearance and Logistics world wide.

To be the leading provider of Shipping, Freight Forwarding, Warehousing and Distribution, Customs Clearing and Logistics to the Southern, Central and East African regions through empowering employees at all levels of the organization, giving our customers efficient, quality and personalized services whilst creating shareholder value.

Our company is founded on a culture that is rooted on values, trust and principles that realizes the value of employees, not as things that are managed, but as resources that have a value contribution to the organization as a whole. We strive to meet the client's needs and exceed their expectation, thus giving them value for their investments.

We believe that a strong corporate culture based on sound principles provides an organization with the capacity to deal with any problems that would otherwise  undermine the organization.

Secure Freight focuses on developing a culture that is both sales and service oriented. Essential to development of this culture is the application of the organization's values, which are:

  • We place customer service first
  • We trust and respect one another
  • We are totally committed to quality
  • We adhere to the highest standards of integrity
  • We must achieve excellent financial performance
  • We have pride in what we do and in belonging to Secure Freight Systems
  • We value trustworthiness at personal level
  • We are committed to empowerment at managerial level